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Steel Metallic goes Green

Posted by Shane

So it’s been about two months since I posted here that I was leaving Best Buy, and I have left for a job as a full time Network Engineer. I am having a blast, but I been operating like it’s 2001 with my old Subaru forester that I had since May/June 2000. This car was a graduation present from High School. So it was time for a major upgrade it being 2011. Since I had never made a huge purchase like buying a new car, it’s been a fun experience and I like to share it with you.

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Windshield Replaced

Posted by Shane

Safelite AutoGlass, where I got my previous pan of glass because of this exact same issue, replaced my Windshield under the lifetime warranty. I only waiting about an hour for it to be completed so it was no big deal to wait at the shop.

Only have good things to say! The only problem is that the heater on the glass seems not to be turning on. I am thinking I might have to take a quick ride back to them to see what is going on, however, the Subaru dealer is going to look first to see if it’s not a mechanical problem.


My Subaru Forester

Posted by Shane

Between two services on my 2001 Subaru Forester S-Model, I got over or around 330mpg. Now it’s back down to ~ 300mpg. This picture is from when I drove from VA to NY without stopping at a gas station along the way.

330 for one tank?

330mpg for one tank?