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About 5 days after the prime suspect, Bruce Ivans, killed himself before he was about to be indicated on 5 counts of murder charges and other crimes in relation to the anthrax attacks of September 2001 and October 2001, the Feds have unsealed about 98% of all related documents to the investigation. I am just going over the information now which should be an interesting way in how our legal system works and how the case progressed through the 7 years of investigations.

There is a ton of information to read. I must say that each of the search warrant affidavits were very well prepared. Goto the U.S. Department of Justice website to read all the information.


Anthrax mailer dead

Posted by Shane

Years after the 2001 Anthrax attacks, directly after 9/11, the suspect apparently committed suicide today on Frederick, Maryland. If the full FBI facts come out in a few days, this case will quietly go away.

Wikipedia and CNN have tons of information on this subject. Check out both places for sources as the information is just coming out now.


I was just surfing the news just to see if there was anything interesting to read and this article just popped right out. With Ted Stevens (R-AK) indicted the question remains if he will resign from the Senate as the now trail will go on or if he will be re-elected in November.

I suggest you keep tabs on the CNN website for more updated information through out the week.


Summer television is always fun because they always bring up new exciting shows, and even bring back previous series from season past. Most of my favorite shows are on USA Network. In no particular order…

  • In Plain Sight – Show about US Marshals, WITSEC Program.
  • Burn Notice – A spy who got blacklisted, and tries to figure out who blacklisted him.
  • Monk – OCD Detective who can solve the most impossible crimes (Sub Plot: Trying to figure out who killed his late wife – a six finger man)
  • Psych – Two “detectives” who are “fake” psychic and their “abilities” are utilized by the Santa Barbara Police Department. Great support cast!
  • Eureka – A show about a town that is full of science an innovation.

All these shows have good stories. I am fan of all of them. :)

Update: I forgot Eureka! – 7/29/08