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NASA's Cylon Basestar

NASA, ESA, and D. Jewitt (UCLA)

The last time I posted something about NASA there might have been ‘God’s Hand In Space’, but it seems like NASA might have struck gold. While we all know Battlestar Galactica is “fake” NASA Hubble Telescope has seems to have disproved that theory.

I would not be surprised to see a more rational explanation for this however I can only think of two:

  1. Cylon Basestar
  2. Vulcan Scout ship.

What should us common folk do? Watch Caprica! :)


Running a Battlestar Galactica fan site, you get the neuances of politics mixed in with a bit of the humor that plays off real life. But a user on the forum posted this image and I was shocked that they seem very similar in appearance. Does Ron Moore know something about the 2008 US Presidential Election that we don’t know? Props to Bluce_Ree for pointing this out.

Are the GOP Candidates Cylons?

Are the GOP Candidates Cylons?

I like to make it clear that I do not know the final cylon.


My friend Joe, who is up in Vancouver Canada cataloging the props from the Battlestar Galactica show, had a chance to view Season 4.5. Now with that being said I am really jealous. I refused to ask/get any information that could spoil it for myself. I want for the last half to be completely surprised when it comes out in January 2009.

In other news, if you are into the show, an auction of the props will be taking place sometime after the last episode. Being part of the Battlestar Wiki, along with Joe’s cataloging the props, we are documenting everything on a special sub-wiki to preserve it’s history and prosperity.


One of my favorite shows, that is currently in it’s last season and is in hiatus right now is Battlestar Galactica. One of the thing SciFi did before the start of this last season was to release this promotional picture. It features the primary cast members in the setting of ‘The Last Supper’. I have kept quiet till now. I think the image was just to throw us all off on who the last cylon is and once the season restarts in January 2009. For more on the image, check out the Battlestar Wiki.

The Last Supper Photo

The Last Supper Photo