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1157 Days Later….

Posted by Shane

Wow. It seems like for a long time I been posting nothing other than posts saying how long ago I post. Hopefully, this will be the last one of those for a long time. Lets see if I can give a summary of what I been doing these past 1157 days because if I went over everything that I did from the last time I posted… in detail… I might get things wrong. But here it goes!

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Posted by Shane

I boil when the sun touches me,

like a roasted marshmallow.

and when it comes down to,

cooling me down it is very tough.

You run through me all day and

even during the night but when

you think to past sunrises, I seem

to just stop. I try to re-establish

the link but I usually get no response.

I go to sleep wondering but heaven’s

moon touches me knowing that somewhere

that link still does exists and fate

will bring it back together.