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Day 2 of Paradise

Posted by Shane

Today was the 2nd day of skiing at Deer Valley. Even though we only did a half day of skiing, I still clocked in 15,490 (Not Official) vertical feet. Today I started out by waking up super early only to find out that everyone else was exhausted. This helped me also a little bit as I was able to get some work done, help my ankle “heal” up a bit (More on this later), and rest me up for tomorrow’s trip to Snowbird Mountain.

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SAT Question (Pick One): Deer Valley is to Heaven as Canyons is to…

  1. Hell
  2. Bottomless Pit
  3. Place of Torment
  4. Wretchedness

Place answer here: _____

You pick one? You are correct! They are all possible answers in this version of the SAT. 😛

What a difference 24 hours is in terms of the location of where we are skiing. Today was pure bliss. Nothing short of perfect. Weather again was perfect. Sun, Little Wind, and above 32 degrees that it was steaming hot on the mountain when skiing down. As you might have guessed, we skied Deer Valley today. It was a much better day than skiing at The Canyons yesterday.

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