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The Header

Posted by Shane

So with the new found technologies of CSS3 gradients, etc. and the re-launch of this site, I been working on converting my header that was originally flash to CSS3/Javascript/jQuery. This way the header (if you remember) that is based on your location (if you shared that information) changes to the right “time of day” and will for every second change (as time does) based on the actual timer periods of your location. read more ‘The Header


Updated ‘History’ Page

Posted by Shane

With the recent find of lots of different files in my old HDD that I was able to access today, it also contained all my old ‘rabbit hole’ designs dating back to 2003 through 2006. If you have read my history page, the site was offline from January 2006 through June 2008 until I brought it back online when I was down in Virgina.

Check it out! Boy have things changes… :-)


Holiday/Event Header Sets

Posted by Shane

One of the things I like doing for my websites is making them holidayed (this is a made up word!). So I had one created once before, so I brought those over to my this header. Right now I have these holiday’s created:

  • Christmas
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Halloween

To view them go to the next page.

read more ‘Holiday/Event Header Sets


Design Finalized

Posted by Shane

Many of the CSS design, navigation, and HTML code has been finished. I am still working on several more “page” templates to expand the type of pages. Flash will be included on some page(s). If you see any errors of concern, please leave a comment on this post so I can take care of it.

Thanks to Jon for some usefull plugin information and design comments. He even pointed out that my design is eco-friendly to your computer monitor as it doesn’t need as much energy to display.


Welcome back to ‘the rabbit hole’! (redundant I know.. :))

This blog/website way back in the day used to be my little place to express myself, post my projects, and just random stuff that is going on. I figured it was time to bring it back as the site has just been sitting behind the scenes for ages without anything going on.

So expect to see maybe daily updates and major additions to this site in the coming days. If you are visiting right now, you might notice that I am still working on the main design layout. Over the new few hours (maybe a day or two…), I should have the design up and running.

However — I like to point out that the blog will not be the first page that you come to anymore. It will be a portal page that will highlight everything that is going on the website. I might be integrating some Macromedia Flash.

Also if you have been using my “old” email address for this domain, it no longer is valid. You can send an email to it though and it will forward to my new email address.

Anyway, thanks for coming!