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The Update Story

Posted by Shane

Last night folks, I went ahead and updated my desktop system to include my parts from the Intel Big Deal and the DDR3 RAM I had ordered just a few days after receiving the Big Deal (original post). This was not a very hard install for me, but it did take a few “extra” hours for me to complete the installation of both software and hardware due to the minor hiccups that we all have with technology.

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The parts of the 2009 Intel Big Deal - June

The parts of the 2009 Intel Big Deal - June

My desktop.. even though I built this on on March of 2007 is already out-dated. The P4 and DDR2 RAM was at the end of it’s cycle when I built it. So I got the worst possible setup, but didn’t realize it right away. About 9 months to a year later there was already duel core and quad core being introduced into the market as the standard.

Today most new machines are all duel core or quad core. The new chip that is going to be the new standard pretty soon. 8 cores. DDR3. No machine will be completed without DDR3 RAM. I will be awaiting till July once the DDR3 RAM becomes the new standard and the prices will drop and drop….

What price am I getting these for? A little over $300. This price comes directly from Intel. One of the offers they were throwing in is that you get the full Windows Vista 64-bit OS with a free voucher for Windows 7 64-bit.

As the RAM comes in… I’ll be looking into getting duel video cards for SLI support. Maybe the NVIDIA GeForce 200 series cards. I also be looking into fully water cooling my system with pumps and everything.