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The wind is twirling around these two shows: Heros and Eureka.

Hero’s, which I have yet to even see an episode, has not been getting the reviews it needs to stay alive. The comic I read even points out the misery they had watching the season opener. It’s safe to say that this might be the final season or a 4th season the final season.

Eureka has had a dismal third season as well up to the latest episode. The season started out so well with the first two episodes, but when the writers killed Ed Quinn (Nathan Stark) character off the show to bring in Frances Fisher character (Eva Thorne) as the up-tight corporate running person, the show lost it’s comedy value and the creativity has gone down hill. They brought in sexy Ever Carradine (Lexi Carter) as Sheriff Jack Carter (Colin Ferguson) to try to keep the sexy in the show, but she is doesn’t follow the spirit or mythology of the show when it comes to the atmosphere they been trying to create. They keep side-stepping the artifact in Section Five, which we should learn more about. (Take a hint from the writers from Battlestar Galactica people! Have two arcs!) And the pure blatant advertisement of Degree Sport Stick is really turning me off. There should be NOTHING real world in this show.

I watched the pilot episode of Fringe (also the comic I read posted something funny about it) is a real copycat of X-Files… the truth is out there… with a weird guy. God bless X-Files season 1 through 8. Season 9 sucked by the way. I haven’t even notice that there were more than 1 episode out. I found out by visiting it’s Hulu page where you can watch the show if you want. It’s good, but I think it’s to much of a X-Files copycat.

The TV series Bones has so far maintained it’s fun this season while it’s very interesting watching a new intern every new week, this past week episode we say the return of Zack, who if you have been watching the show from the start, know that he is a serial murder even though he was a crime fighter before hand, and that’s something the shows characters think that is not wrong with him. Again, you can watch this show on Hulu. This is show that is a must see. I can see this show going on for at least 6 seasons, that is if they can keep the cast together. Probably why they are bring back Zack into the picture once more with this surprised guest appearance to see how the episode did in ratings.

So with that in mind at least one show comes off my viewing list next season. Bones stays on. Fringe is really on the fringe as I will try another episode to see if it got any better. And I might try out at least season one of Hero’s just to see why it was all the rage back in Season One… just like LOST (which I never seen also…). The question I always ask: Can we go back to the good ol’ days of shows making complete sense.