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Media Feature Vote In!

Posted by Shane

The Media 2.9 Feature vote is in! Albums top the list as I thought they would. This gives me a good idea where to bring the Media Wireframes Document up to speed and allows me now to get back in with Mark, Jane_, and Rudolf Lai who has been working on this feature during the summer as part of the Google Summer Code Project.

Expect to see increased activity surrounding media work in the coming days/weeks . Might slow down a few of the plugins I am developing, but in the end I rather wait to get 2.9 out the door than release my plugins and theme! (Notice “singular” in “theme”. :))


Media Design for 2.8

Posted by Shane

Not more than 48 hours after the launch of version 2.7, that myself and DD32 have already started on ideas on how to upgrade the current attachment and media system for WordPress. He has sent me his version of what I was trying to do by hacking the base code really far to make it work. Since I got his code just today, I will be started to work on it with the new 2.8.x bleeding trunk that now has started.

Just a reminder that this will be no where in the 2.7.x code, but only in the 2.8.x code unless it becomes really stable during development and testing.


Over the past several days I been working on upgrading the attachment system to include multiple gallery support in the code. I am please to announced that this feature coded and ready to be put into the trunk. For those who are currently using 2.7.x on your production blog (who what to test out this system by using the patch file provided here), you will have to run the upgrade script (wp-admin/upgrade.php) as your attachments will not be in the attachment tab (formally the gallery tab) for multiple gallery items to work. [ gallery ] and the subsequent user-defined items should still work as normal unless you start to item up into different galleries. Then you will need to define the group number (i.e. group=”1” ).

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As I told you about ~ two weeks ago, I updated the base code of WordPress to allow multiple gallery support making myself do:

[ gallery group=”2″ ]

… and it would show just the items in group 2. I also made it so I can designate items that I didn’t want part of the gallery system. So images could still be posted by themselves and also have a gallery that would show the items in that gallery. The default functionally of WordPress does not allow this so I had to dig deep into the WordPress code to do this. Now I am basing all this code of 2.6.1 and will be submitting it to the WordPress team for them to work on more and make it more efficient.

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