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Hijinks Ensue: Comic Cover

Hijinks Ensue: Comic Cover

I ordered Godspeed, You Fancy Basterd! from Joel Watson, the online comic I follow, and not only did it come with a book packed with the comics and extra’s, but a bumper sticker and large print of the cover which now I got to get a glass picture frame for to hang on the wall.

I got the Ultimate Fancy Limited edition of 150 copies sold, but my copy was #32. Sweet!

I got am mail on Thursday from the USnailPS that my package was on my way and that it be here today. I just got back from work… and boom… It was here! I was so excited. I looked at all the comics since he done it online, but having a hard copy is really cool and flipping through the pages makes it look real professionial.

Support him by either going to his store ( or just check our his comic collection. Be sure to even donate to his cause as he does this full time. I know I like to do programing full time, but maybe that will happen soon. 😀