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I am all Avatar’ed out.

Posted by Shane

Today was the final time that I will see Avatar in the theater. I have seen it a total of 4 times — one time being by myself and the other in a non-IMAX theater. The next time I will see this movie is when it gets the awards for Best Picture, Best Special Effects, and Best Director at this years Awards Ceremony and then on Bluray.


Batman in 100% IMAX

Posted by Shane

Following one of my favorite movie site for insights on future and current movies, I got word that the new Batman movie is being considered for 100% IMAX filming.

If anyone remembers the Dark Knight bank robbery scene at that start of the movie and how “full” of action it was that’s the kinda of movie.

If this were true, I place my order for my 12:01 showing at our local theater right now. Filming it in IMAX would take a extra year according to the site because the IMAX camera is huge and very bulky for any cameraman.

We will see.

Source: Third ‘Batman’ Movie Could be Shot 100% IMAX- We Are Movie Geeks.