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Arkham Asylum Sequel

Posted by Shane

It never ceases to amaze me when I am right. When I think the movie/game is extremely good there is a good change of a squeal even before it’s announced.

It looks like this time we are moving outside the Arkham and onto the streets of Gotham. If we remember the last bits of Arkham Asylum we get reports that Harvey “Two Face” Dent is on the loose.

No one in the game really dies so all the trailers that you might see relating to this sequel can be the truth. How many times did the Joker or the other villains escape Arkham in the TV series? Plenty.

List of villains that I think that will show up:

  1. Black Mask
  2. Harvey “Two Face” Dent
  3. Joker
  4. Harley
  5. Mad Hatter
  6. Catwomen
  7. Ridder (This time for real.)

We could see Robin, Oracle, Nightwing, and/or Alfred as well. We still might have cameo’s from other villains and this is what makes Batman games so great. :)

Source: Batman Arkham Asylum Sequel to Exit Arkham – PC World.


Batman Arkham Asylum

Posted by Shane

The game as released yesterday and I haven’t really stopped play it yet. Minus the fact that I did have to go to bed last night (around 3am). The game is totally rad. Great graphics, dialog, cut scenes, and control and the story line is just great!

Kevin Conroy the voice actor who voiced Batman in Batman: The Animated Series and Mark Hamil (Does he ever get tired of being the Joker?) plays the Joker respectively again for this ground breaking game.

Currently it is $49.99 via Steam, however, I think it’s quite worth it since there are three levels of difficulty and also lots of ways you can beat the game. The game currently holds a 92 on Metacritic and that what is was before the game was officially released.