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I was telling someone about the header that I was working on and they gave me another name: The Doodle

Just like the Google Doodles, this doodle is always changing and since it’s based on time it works out! As you can in the current version of the header (of this post) the doodle is now showing the sun and the sun will set and the color gradients will change based on when the sun shows up based on my location here Brooklyn, NY until I feel the geolocation code works correctly. Neat huh? I’ll be publishing a case study of how the code works in the near future as one of the on-going series of posts that I will write.

So for now, enjoy the doodle, and look forward to even more improvements!


Header is now CSS3/HTML5

Posted by Shane

I get a lot of complements on my flash header. Particularly the second by second update of the “gradient tween” that goes between that syncs up with the real time of day. So as you are reading this now, look at the header on my site (Flash enabled?). Does the time period pretty much match what is outside at the moment? It should be pretty close to what your experiencing outside.

This 24-loop header is great because you also see the stars “rise” and “set”, different seasons, and even the animated butterflies that pop out during the summer time. Overall the header is the most advanced thing that I can find on the web that does this type of animation. There is one catch to viewing this header: You have to have flash enabled and/or be on a flash compatible device. Do’h!

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Q: A Woopra Plugin Update? Will it work? Does it use fopen? A: Yes! Yes! No!

It’s been a while that I been able to get the the Woopra Plugin to get it back up and working like it has been envisioned. I had a good chunk of time over the past two days to work on it and it’s back and working perfectly — including some enhancements and some major code restructure.

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Right now there is no plans to have jQuery updated to 1.4.0 in WordPress 3.0. It is not impossible, but very unlikely due to fact that it does not cover the WordPress 3.0 Scope of Work.

Use jQuery at your own risk and if you do use it, unload jQuery 1.3 first before registering jQuery 1.4.

wp_deregister_script( 'jquery' );
wp_register_script( 'jquery', '<Location of jQuery 1.4>', false, '' );

I will bring this up at the next dev meeting, but as of right now there is no jQuery 1.4 in WordPress 3.0.x.


Another day.. another innovation over here at the rabbit hole and for other WordPress blogs a-like.

One of the things I started dreading when I first started this blog again back in July 2008 is that eventually that archives ‘By Month’ list and categories list was going to get so long that it was going to be lopsided and lots of items really make the site look “longer” than it really was when it comes to the vertical scroll bars.

What I needed to do now since both the Archives and the Categories list was getting to long, I wanted to shorten them up, but still allowing the user (that’s you..) to be able to still be able to browse all the available archives months and categories without having to view the full archives view.

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Flash Header Online

Posted by Shane

The very first draft of the flash header for this site is now online! If you do not have Flash 10 installed, it will ask you to download Flash 10 and install it.

If you don’t have flash at all, you will get the basic image version. I have yet to convert the static image to the same height. So you are wondering how I got this done? Well read on to find out!

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Since this design have been evolving, I wanted a Live Comment Preview so you, the reader, would see the comment show up as you typed it. Now there was a number of plugins that did this. I downloaded and uploaded this one and even after I edited the PHP to format the code correctly, even to use Gravatar, I stepped back just for a moment. I just learned jQuery so there got to be a way to do it. Just as quickly as I had uploaded, I deleted it off the system.

So I did some searching and I found this post on the subject. The idea and concept on the post was good, however it lacked a few things that I required. One of them was formatting the preview to what your “comments” would look like when they were posted and when you removed all the content from the “comment” area the Live Preview stuff was still showing; the live comment area should be removed if we are not entering a comment.

For me, that just doesn’t work. So I went ahead and created by own style and built it in directly to my theme. After a number of tries I came up with code that works out perfectly where it has my formatting in place and also disappears if there is no comment.

Anyway, another win for jQuery (2 – 0, Prototyping) and one more section knocked off the “to-do” list for this theme.