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I am moving out of my apartment in NY for a couple of reasons. The first one is that I am not here as much now with my internship with Best Buy in Minnesota. So why pay for an apartment when I am never here? Anyway while I was going through things to move out (minus clothes which they are all now packed in the car) I realized I had collected a lot of odd computer equipment over the years and today I went through it all and sorted what I wanted to keep and what was to throw away. This doesn’t count the stuff that I know is already at mom’s that I am already keeping.

The criteria for keeping it has to follow certain guidelines:

  • Could it contain private information?
  • Does this serve a purpose with the current technology trend?
  • Is it working in a state that I would use it on a daily basis?

If any one of these questions were answered ‘yes’, then I kept it. If not… well… it saw the dump.

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