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First of all… sorry for no updates! It’s been real busy here with work and/or the fun I been having. Having said that, things are again quiet for a bit.

I was in the city yesterday for an unrelated work/fun thing and I knew that the taping of the Late Show with David Letterman usually seats around 2pm. Having said that we (My mom and I) headed over via Cab and when we got their we were disappointed that they changed their procedure once more. Now the next time you are in the city, head to the Ed Sullivan Theater between 9:30am and 12:30pm the day of the taping to put yourself into a lottery system. Around 1pm you will get a phone call if you have gotten in or not.

One thing to remember if you go to the Late Show since it is a LIVE taping to be aired later that night… there are no cell phones and no flash photography/photography equipment in the building. So have a place to put these items during the show since the theater does not have a “check-in”. That’s about it! Check you later!