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Happy Birthday To Me! :)

Posted by Shane

Just as the title says :) I have already had my birthday “party” per say.

Last night (May 2nd) I went out to dinner with my mom, sister, and very good friend of the family. We took some birthday pictures before we left. I plan on updating a few of the places were I have my photo with these since they look very cool: Facebook, About, etc. Then we went to a restaurant that I have never been to before in Bridgehampton, NY called Yamp Q. A very good Japanese Restaurant.

I myself had a serving of fried pork dumplings, shrimp tempera roll, and chicken teriyaki. Very yummy. Afterwords we went back to the house to have Angel Food cake with fruit sauce.

Next it was presents time. Minus the usual cash that is always welcomed, I got two really neat physical gifts. The first one was the DVD set of the TV show MacGyver. I have never seen an episode, but in recent years a number of gaming communities online and friends have refereed me as MacGyver since I can fix almost any problem they throw at me. The second one was a signed baseball from No. 42 of the New York Yankees. Not Reggie Jackson, but Mariano Rivera. A ‘last out’ signed balled and certificate of authenticity. Way cool! (Pictures will come later tonight!)

Another present in which I already knew about for a few weeks was a baseball game at Yankee Stadium this Thursday on May 7th.

That’s about it. Expect to come back in a few days for all the pictures!

UPDATE: The ‘About’ page has been updated to include my new photo and one that was taking on my birthday dinner. :)