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Just want to let all you fellow WordPress users know that while I was at WordCamp NYC 2009, I did talk for a few minutes with Matt about a potential new media system. A while back I posted up a wireframes document. That version is now way outdated and been working on a new version since the end of WordCamp.

Most of the text is done. All that is left is mock-ups of the design proposal. I should have it submitted to Matt (photomatt) by the next few days after Thanksgiving and then once we talk it over and make any corrections, I will post it here for everyone to review for comments and suggestions on changes.

Once I am done with talking with Matt, hopefully I can start dedicating 100% of my time to re-developing the system for either 3.0.x or 3.1.x release. (3.0.x would be preferable because of the longer cycle) With 2.9.x feature frozen and image editing now added into the system it will be much easier to complete this task.