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So I thought I give you all an update. I am still traveling back and forth between NY to MN for work, working on web design and other related Best Buy/Geek Squad issues. It has been frustrating to say the least to fly back every two weeks. I am meeting tons of new people while in Minnesota. Starting tomorrow I will be staying for an entire month, but I was allowed to have the entire week off from April 30 through May 10th. It just so happens that it falls during my birthday. I also have a wedding to attend to in Boston that week, so it works out perfectly.

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Chicken & Red Potato’s

Posted by Shane

Last night, my sister came over and we had dinner together and watched a movie from my extensive DVD collection. What we cooked for dinner, together, was Chicken and Red Potato with Green Beans. The meal was very good and we cooked enough that there is enough chicken to last a week. This meal has lots of steps so I am going to break down the process in each part of the meal with the final result posted at the end since you are really cooking three meals and combining them on one plate.

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