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NYM and CitiField Visit

Posted by Shane

So today was the first time I visited CitiField, the home of the New York Mets, and let me tell you that the ball park, just like the new Yankee Stadium is impressive! A friend came along as we have had gotten two tickets. Heading to CitiField was just like going to Shea. Headed via Exit 22B and parked in the 1939 New York Worlds Fair is still the most convent route to take. read more ‘NYM and CitiField Visit

2008 Baseball World Series Logo

2008 Baseball World Series Logo

I am an avid baseball fan, but this is the first time in 17 years that no New York team has made it to the post-season. The Yankees were eliminated long before their season ending win over the Boston Red Sox’s, but the Mets succumbed to the wrath of Red October Baseball with another September collapse, losing a must win over the Florida Marlins to ensure a tie over the Milwaukee Brewers, who have now claimed the NL Wild Card crown. A tie would have forced a one game showdown at Shea Stadium for the NL Wild Card Crown. Only one spot in the Post Season has yet to be filled and that is between the Minnesota Twins and Chicago White Sox.

I’m going to break down my predictions right now and wrap up of the Yankee season.

Update: The White Sox’s won the game vs. Tigers which forces the Sox and Twins in a one game playoff!

Update 2: The White Sox’s did win the game vs. Twins! So far I am correct! 😀

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