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The postseason is here… at least for me. The New York Yankees completed the three game sweep of Boston RedSox’s to secure the AL East Crown, even though they had already clinched at least a playoff spot a series before hand when playing the Los Angeles Angles in Anaheim, CA because of Texas’s lost to Oakland.

Lets just say that the AL Central race was also crazy. Who would ever predicated that it go to 163 games and the winner of Detriot vs. Twins would come down to one game. Hats off to the Twins! 12 innings. Walk off fashion! Instant Classic!

So what’s in store and how do I think it’s going to play out? Find out!

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Since the Yankees are in first place in the AL East and Baltimore is in dead last, and with tonight win (84) over the Orioles lost (79) that is 163 games. Now each team plays 162 games a year. To be eliminated in the division or even the Wild Card standings if the first place team plus the other teams lost is equal or greater than 162 your chance to win the division or wild card is over.

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The Elimination Number for any team is determined by adding their number of losses to the number of wins for the team leading the division, and subtracting that total from 163. The Elimination Number for the second place team is the “Magic Number” for the first place team.

Elimination have started. The only other team close to being eliminated at this point is the Nationals, but other teams like the Pirates and Padres are very close as well. Most of the AL teams minus the Orioles have at least 10+ games needed before they are eliminated.

Just as I was posting this… the standings page has updated to indicate such. Hats off to the Orioles! I visited you once season!

Update 9/2/09: With the National’s lost last night, they are also now eliminated from the division officially. Most people didn’t think they had a shot anyways at the start of the season.



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Unreal! I thought when I checked the score during the middle of the night (since I was really tired… I went to be early) I was so happy that the Yankees sweep the Sox’s here in New York that I almost feel sorry for the Red Sox’s fans. Maybe now I have a bit of confidence that NYY can beat either the Red Sox’s or LA Angels during the postseason.

With Bostons 4 straight losses they have tied themselves with Texas in the AL wild card. And Detroit right now seems to be holding onto the AL Central lead.

Post season baseball is right around the corner and I plan on posting my predictions soon! Be on the look out!

2008 Baseball World Series Logo

2008 Baseball World Series Logo

I am an avid baseball fan, but this is the first time in 17 years that no New York team has made it to the post-season. The Yankees were eliminated long before their season ending win over the Boston Red Sox’s, but the Mets succumbed to the wrath of Red October Baseball with another September collapse, losing a must win over the Florida Marlins to ensure a tie over the Milwaukee Brewers, who have now claimed the NL Wild Card crown. A tie would have forced a one game showdown at Shea Stadium for the NL Wild Card Crown. Only one spot in the Post Season has yet to be filled and that is between the Minnesota Twins and Chicago White Sox.

I’m going to break down my predictions right now and wrap up of the Yankee season.

Update: The White Sox’s won the game vs. Tigers which forces the Sox and Twins in a one game playoff!

Update 2: The White Sox’s did win the game vs. Twins! So far I am correct! 😀

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