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Sara Palin: Going Rogue

Sara Palin: Going Rogue

  • Sarah Palin: Going Rogue
  • Samsung P2770HD Monitor

Yes. Another book from the GOP side. The last book I got was Scott Mckellen tell-all book about the Bush Administration. That book I thoroughly enjoyed and this one I will enjoy just as much! I know it’s very weird for me a Democrat that I am, reading a book by a GOP, however it find these more fascinating than any of the Democrats books.

Also getting that monitor this time around. I did find a local place that carries it, however, they usually do huge orders so I might have to recall Samsung sales to see if anyone else has it.


I voted today

Posted by Shane

I woke up 44 minutes ago to vote. My polling place is no more than 1.6 miles from my place so I decided to walk to the place in this historic election. I plan to watch the election with my family at my mom’s house. Like the three of us are, we are political junkies.

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The US Presidential Election is now officially in full swing. After months of guessing the official nominees and their running mates all the table places are now occupied.

If you haven’t read by now, Senator Obama has chosen Senator Biden and Senator McCain has chosen Governor Sarah Palin as their running mates.

Why is Obama’s and Palin’s name in itlaics? Not only are they young compared to their counterparts, both still have very little full time expereince. I am not going to divugle my party afflication, but when it comes down the being a policial junkie this election I can not ask for a better match up.


I was just surfing the news just to see if there was anything interesting to read and this article just popped right out. With Ted Stevens (R-AK) indicted the question remains if he will resign from the Senate as the now trail will go on or if he will be re-elected in November.

I suggest you keep tabs on the CNN website for more updated information through out the week.