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avast! virus protection

Posted by Shane

I am often called upon my friends one computer help (or family members in distress), when computer problems arise. The 911 of the computer world. The question I get asked the most during normal problem solving procedures is “What anti-virus program are you current using?” and that I answer pretty easily.

Currently that is avast! professional version 4.8 (detail featured list) software. After being a fan of Trend Mico systems for a long time, I found out that it was a huge memory hog once your machine had lots of files and wasn’t always able to detect the malicious code when surfing on the web.

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Welcome back to ‘the rabbit hole’! (redundant I know.. :))

This blog/website way back in the day used to be my little place to express myself, post my projects, and just random stuff that is going on. I figured it was time to bring it back as the site has just been sitting behind the scenes for ages without anything going on.

So expect to see maybe daily updates and major additions to this site in the coming days. If you are visiting right now, you might notice that I am still working on the main design layout. Over the new few hours (maybe a day or two…), I should have the design up and running.

However — I like to point out that the blog will not be the first page that you come to anymore. It will be a portal page that will highlight everything that is going on the website. I might be integrating some Macromedia Flash.

Also if you have been using my “old” email address for this domain, it no longer is valid. You can send an email to it though and it will forward to my new email address.

Anyway, thanks for coming!