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I do a lot of programming. My queue for that matter that I run for “tasks” to do has been backed up because of this vBulletin (vB) design system.

It’s not because of the code or operation, but the way that it is designed. In WordPress we strive to have a great UI and UX team to be able to see the pitfalls of usability before we release WordPress to the masses. vBulletin is not free, so you/I expect a few things including this kind of testing.

read more ‘vBulletin 4.x: 7 days to go through the Stylevar System


Blade Runner.. 2?

Posted by Shane

First of all: HECK NO!

If they create this movie and it is really bad, the first movie which was so good will be ruined forever. The rumored screenwriter wrote ‘Eagle Eye’ which hasn’t been getting very good reviews despite it’s high box office numbers. You can read the full details over at /film. Props to DrWho42 who pointed it out on the BSG Forums.


Firefox > IE

Posted by Shane

I know this issue is pretty much settled, but I just like to say the IE is the worst browser ever. It can’t even run a simple flash program correctly!


Cox TV / Internet

Posted by Shane

Down here in sunny northern VA, we have Cox internet. This is the only internet/TV I have in my current apartment complex. When I first came down here in 2007, I wish that it was either Verzion FIoS, which will never happen, or Comcast Internet/TV.

Since being with Cox, my DVR has broken two times, and I gotten it replaced a number of times. Even when watching Live TV, does it also sometime cut out of the channel. Now I have no signal boaster, but I am thinking about getting one.

The internet… totally different story. It goes from fast to slow. Plus the cable modem that you get is also crap. It can’t even handle a high-end router. Now I will have to wait till my Sunday night shows are put online before I can watch them. Thank god for,