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I do a lot of programming. My queue for that matter that I run for “tasks” to do has been backed up because of this vBulletin (vB) design system.

It’s not because of the code or operation, but the way that it is designed. In WordPress we strive to have a great UI and UX team to be able to see the pitfalls of usability before we release WordPress to the masses. vBulletin is not free, so you/I expect a few things including this kind of testing.

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I watched G.I. Joe last night. I liked it a lot, but the film could have used better acting. A lot of the lines were cookie cut from the comics which are good for comics. Not movies since they are supposed to be free-following dialog between the characters.

Dennis Quad, who plays General Hawk, lines where very “stale” and had no “meaning” to them. Other than that the movie was good. The cinematography seems like it was also not fluid. Now like every comic movie, the movie did set it self up for more squeals, but the overall film could have been done better.

Oh yeah. The women in this movie were just HOT! Rachel Nichols and Sienna Miller can come haunt me anytime. :)

Rating: 7 out of 10. / Women Rating: Off the charts!


So I just finished watching James Bond 007: Quantum of Solace. I have to say I am loving this new style of Bond movies that star Daniel Craig.

This movie has it all the usual refinements.

  • Girls: Check
  • Cars: Check
  • Guns: Check
  • Action: Check
  • Tech: Semi-Check

The only real tech in this movie was from while we were inside MI6. Something we haven’t seen really much of in the previous bond movies. Q is sadly missing from this movie, however, I don’t know how he could have provided support to Bond in this movie.

Other than that, this movie was really well done!

Rating: 8.5 out of 10 stars.


Left 4 Dead: Demo Review

Posted by Shane

This is what you see when you join the game.

This is what you see when you join the game.


I just played the demo, and while the first time around I was stupid enough to leave alone my teammates, I learned the next time that this is a game that you can not go out on your own. The demo only includes two levels of one map and with the 20+ maps that are coming out with the game in less than a week, I can expect more fun!

Right now the game has several plaguing problems. Most noticibly with the server matching problems and people trying to play together as a group. Also if you are on a windows machine, you can not run a dedicated server and play the game at the same time.

Attached is the only thing that I can get for now. It is a poster of the “map” as you join it. If you think about the modding possibilities with this game, they are endless. There are plenty of screenshots and video of the game in action on the biggest fan website including the official trailer for the game. The offical review of this game will come out once the game is released. This is just a preview. expect a much fuller review then!


Great Day in NYC

Posted by Shane

I spent the better part of the day today in NYC with my sister. As I said in my previous post, I went to the Yankee game today.

The day game of the double header because of the rain postponement yesterday canceled that game. My sister has some great nosebleed seats and you can see the field great. The game was a problem. The Yankees lost 7 to 1 getting the only run in the bottom of the 9th inning. And this was against the Tampa Bay Rays! (Though.. we are in 4th place and they are in 1st. Go figure.) They Yankees did win the night cap, but I was already back home by the time the game ended.

After the game we went out to dinner to a Mexican restaurant on 81st and 2nd ave called Blockheads. I give this place 4 thumbs up. I had the chicken casadias, large portion, and gobbled it quickly.

I have pictures, that is, I have to wait for them from my sister. That’s about it! I’ll be heading back down to VA Monday night to get the rest of my stuff. I have more good news that I will post up Monday.


D.C. Visit – Day 1

Posted by Shane

My mom and her boyfriend came down to the area for the weekend (more like 6 days) and we have setup quite an itinerary for their stay. So today was a basic day. I do have pictures and I will post them once I can get the pictures off my device. (One disadvantage of having Windows Vista.)

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Mulder and Suclly

Mulder and Suclly

Myself being an avid X-Files Fan, I went to see the movie this past Friday (again at midnight) and I was hoping to be pleased. Turns out I was not. They did not play play off the mythology of the original show, which was a key success. I believe the script was poor and that they didn’t really connect with the fans of the show. If I was the script writer, I would have made some major changes to the story. Unlike The Dark Knight, I suggest you wait for it to come out on DVD. This one is clearly a movie that you can watch in bed and still understand what goes on even if you fall asleep during the film.

If anything, I rather watch Season 9 of X-Files than this movie again.

Rating: 5 out of 10