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So I thought I give you all an update. I am still traveling back and forth between NY to MN for work, working on web design and other related Best Buy/Geek Squad issues. It has been frustrating to say the least to fly back every two weeks. I am meeting tons of new people while in Minnesota. Starting tomorrow I will be staying for an entire month, but I was allowed to have the entire week off from April 30 through May 10th. It just so happens that it falls during my birthday. I also have a wedding to attend to in Boston that week, so it works out perfectly.

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Sara Palin: Going Rogue

Sara Palin: Going Rogue

  • Sarah Palin: Going Rogue
  • Samsung P2770HD Monitor

Yes. Another book from the GOP side. The last book I got was Scott Mckellen tell-all book about the Bush Administration. That book I thoroughly enjoyed and this one I will enjoy just as much! I know it’s very weird for me a Democrat that I am, reading a book by a GOP, however it find these more fascinating than any of the Democrats books.

Also getting that monitor this time around. I did find a local place that carries it, however, they usually do huge orders so I might have to recall Samsung sales to see if anyone else has it.