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Since the Yankees are in first place in the AL East and Baltimore is in dead last, and with tonight win (84) over the Orioles lost (79) that is 163 games. Now each team plays 162 games a year. To be eliminated in the division or even the Wild Card standings if the first place team plus the other teams lost is equal or greater than 162 your chance to win the division or wild card is over.

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The Elimination Number for any team is determined by adding their number of losses to the number of wins for the team leading the division, and subtracting that total from 163. The Elimination Number for the second place team is the “Magic Number” for the first place team.

Elimination have started. The only other team close to being eliminated at this point is the Nationals, but other teams like the Pirates and Padres are very close as well. Most of the AL teams minus the Orioles have at least 10+ games needed before they are eliminated.

Just as I was posting this… the standings page has updated to indicate such. Hats off to the Orioles! I visited you once season!

Update 9/2/09: With the National’s lost last night, they are also now eliminated from the division officially. Most people didn’t think they had a shot anyways at the start of the season.