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Back home.. for two days.

Posted by Shane

Last night around 10pm (NY time) my plane arrived back home in NY. After a long two weeks at our headquarters getting setup and starting our project in the last few days, the excitement of doing the work and being on the corporate campus is nothing like being inside the store.

Our development group is very tight. We all have meals together and do fun activities together and no one is left out if they want to do something. In the area there is tons of things to do and it’s pretty close to a new thing each night. There is not a lot of time after we leave work. We aren’t there to party. On the weekend it’s pretty much do what you need to do. We have access to our workspace during the weekend so some of us head there to do work because the hotel is to cramped and distracting.

In all… this is win! So for today and tomorrow it’s just relaxation. While I am here in NY, I must complete my taxes so I can do them. Till next time…