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Left 4 Dead: Demo Review

Posted by Shane

This is what you see when you join the game.

This is what you see when you join the game.


I just played the demo, and while the first time around I was stupid enough to leave alone my teammates, I learned the next time that this is a game that you can not go out on your own. The demo only includes two levels of one map and with the 20+ maps that are coming out with the game in less than a week, I can expect more fun!

Right now the game has several plaguing problems. Most noticibly with the server matching problems and people trying to play together as a group. Also if you are on a windows machine, you can not run a dedicated server and play the game at the same time.

Attached is the only thing that I can get for now. It is a poster of the “map” as you join it. If you think about the modding possibilities with this game, they are endless. There are plenty of screenshots and video of the game in action on the biggest fan website including the official trailer for the game. The offical review of this game will come out once the game is released. This is just a preview. expect a much fuller review then!