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To put it mildly — I did not have a very fun computer evening. I started using my desktop again today for the first time in like weeks. The power went off due to them doing maintenance on the building. I am glad I was here. I set my computer to automatically turn back on after a power failure. This is so I can still access my videos, music, documents, and code from where ever I am. read more ‘Avast Version 5 and Windows 7 Problems


You have read that correctly. My Windows 7/Application hard drive died when I came back from work. After being able to backup the folders needed before I could not boot into Windows 7 again without damaging the drive permanently, I rushed to my local store… where I work… got a 1TB WD HDD for replacement and raced back here to get the story out that I will be offline just for a bit as I reinstall everything this evening.

I had three 500GB WD drives, but only one was used more than the other because of the storage of Windows and most of my game data files so I don’t see any failure any time soon on the other drives, but I will make sure I keep a good eye and backup often. Most of the data is stored externally for programing, but some of the design files are stored locally. As I tell everyone, no one, no matter how good you are, your hard drive will crash at one point.

Updates as they happen!

11:07pm Update: I was able to hook up my old HDD and get the information that I needed. Including my application installs so I don’t have to look for them all again, documents, mail, and bookmarks. This is good news. Always backup! Never forget!

11:51pm Update: I am starting the long process of reinstalling everything.

2:11am Update: Everything is all done. A few more applications to install: WinRAR and the Adobe Suite CS4.


Windows 7 Training

Posted by Shane
Windows 7 Banner

Windows 7 Banner

I am (at the time of this post) currently at a Microsoft sponsored event learning about Windows 7, the new Operating system that is scheduled to be released on October 22, 2009. The demonstration has been quite useful to learn directly from Microsoft the new features that Windows 7 has in store. The OS seems to have a solid foundation in it’s code. I been trying all day to BOSD the units that they are running the release candidates on and I have yet to do so and I don’t think I would without really manually editing the registry. I even able to use XP Virtual Machine with no problems. Good news for those people who want to upgrade and need XP!┬áThe machines only have 3GB of RAM and it’s running super quick! read more ‘Windows 7 Training