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Q: A Woopra Plugin Update? Will it work? Does it use fopen? A: Yes! Yes! No!

It’s been a while that I been able to get the the Woopra Plugin to get it back up and working like it has been envisioned. I had a good chunk of time over the past two days to work on it and it’s back and working perfectly — including some enhancements and some major code restructure.

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You can check out the full interview that I gave Lorelle here. I like to thank her for this wonderful opportunity. Below is a part of the interview:

As a key player in development, Shane has a rare insider’s view of how Woopra works and how WordPress and Woopra can work together better. Over the past year, he’s worked hard to bring the Woopra WordPress Plugin into compliance with future versions of as well as expand it’s capabilities and functions.

I recently talked with Shane about his involvement and why Woopra is important to him.

Shane has multiple degrees in politics and history with two years studying IT at RIT. He lives in New York and, like so many, has had a long, unsatisfying experience playing around with various stats packages. He is a “self-credited PhD in Geekology” and one of Woopra’s favorite geeks. And trust me, don’t get him near Flash. He’s obsessed with Flash design.

If you want to contact me, please use the contact form above to send me off an email. Enjoy!


Woopra Flash Charts v1.4.1

Posted by Shane

So… in this is part of the new Woopra plugin for WordPress I am going to show you some new flash charts look. As I explained in my earlier post that the entire plugin has been converted into a PHP class format. This time after getting access to the wonderful new API (documentation is coming soon… I promise!) from Jad, I was able to re-do the flash charts and even fix up the code to use this new API so when it does go live, you can use the Woopra Analytics section.

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For the past week or so, I have been updating the Woopra WordPress Plugin. As of right now it’s current development version of 1.4.1 (currently running on this site) is working great. One of the main gripes I had with the earlier versions of the plugins is that is was all done with including and the functions were not ‘grouped together’.

After doing some looking at some other plugins that exists, I decided that it was better for it to be now moved into a class system since PHP version requirements will be going higher for WordPress in the near future and PHP itself versions are being outdated faster than I can keep installing them on this server.

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A few days ago I released which fixes a few problems with the updated way the javascript code reads host names. Sub-domains now work and that has been taken into effect. You no longer need a ‘woopra_site_id’ and that has been removed from this version. I just did a triple check because people were reporting that error. There is a 1.4.1, but it has not been coded yet. If yours says 1.4.1 right now, download from here. We are replacing the flash file for better capabilities. It will be another week or so before 1.4.1 is released. It will be after the WordPress 2.7 release.

For those looking for an update in the vBulletin version, I am working on it. I just haven’t had time to do that yet as I am working on WordPress 2.7 release at the moment.


I went ahead and made our current development version 1.3.8 into the new stable release. This version introduces a few major things.

  1. Translation support. You may look in the Woopra forums for the current version of the file needed to translate the plugin into different languages. Once we start getting some translation files back, we will release them in-mass. Look at the I18n for WordPress Developers on the WordPress codex for more translation information.
  2. The plugin has been tested all the way up to the current development version of WordPress (2.7.0 alpha)

Once we get enough translations, we will add them to the mix and start releasing the plugin with translation batches and support.