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Beta 1

Posted by Shane

After a long summer and fall, Beta 1 of WordPress 2.7.0 is out and ready for testing. This is not intended for production use, however, we feel that it’s stable enough for you to place on your production blog with minimal impact. Be sure to backup your blog if you are going to do it in-case anything goes wrong, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon. The release date of Nov. 11 is been pushed back to be now the Release Candidate date. We are not targeting a end of November release date.

I like to give props out to Ryan, Jane, Westi, ViperBond, DD32, Azaozz, Mark Jaquith, and last but not least Matt for letting me part of the team in this round. Hopefully when working on 2.8 I can help in a bigger way with my attachment system with multiple gallery support worked on as a team. :)