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I wished I used widgets. Why havn’t it? Because the coding around them is mostly hardcoded. Lets take a common scenario that I see all the time and from other people:

User A downloads Plugin A. Plugin A has a widget which has hardcoded data output. User A has a custom theme (or a downloaded theme.) and Plugin A does not conform to the theme’s design making User A scramble for help. They check the forums for help in getting Widget of Plugin A changed. User A gets no help. Uninstalls the Plugin A and then is one less user that Author has their plugin installed.

Now my way of what might be coming to a WordPress enabled site soon (3.x.x would be the earliest):

User A downloads Plugin A. Plugin A has a widget. User A has a custom theme (or a downloaded theme) and that theme has a class that extends Walker_Widget called My_Walker_Widget. User A enables that Widget and it looks nice and pretty with their theme. They smile. :)

When the theme author updates their theme, all User’s A widgets will look like they belong there.

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This subject is not very well documented anywhere in the WordPress Codex or online. I only found one site that talked about a custom walker class.

What is a Walker Class?

A walker class allows you to manipulate how data is displaied on your blog without having to modify the core files. What ever methods you do not override use the default method in the Walker class that you Extend.

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Just want to let all you fellow WordPress users know that while I was at WordCamp NYC 2009, I did talk for a few minutes with Matt about a potential new media system. A while back I posted up a wireframes document. That version is now way outdated and been working on a new version since the end of WordCamp.

Most of the text is done. All that is left is mock-ups of the design proposal. I should have it submitted to Matt (photomatt) by the next few days after Thanksgiving and then once we talk it over and make any corrections, I will post it here for everyone to review for comments and suggestions on changes.

Once I am done with talking with Matt, hopefully I can start dedicating 100% of my time to re-developing the system for either 3.0.x or 3.1.x release. (3.0.x would be preferable because of the longer cycle) With 2.9.x feature frozen and image editing now added into the system it will be much easier to complete this task.


It’s a sad day, but also a day to rejoice! WordCamp NYC 2009 is officially over and I just wanted it to continue all week. But if that was the case, registration would be like $500. Two days was good enough.

The second day was pretty much in Mason Hall (for me at least). There was unconference sessions going on where we were in the main classroom complex yesterday. For those who want a listing can go here.

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WordCamp NYC 2009: Day One

Posted by Shane

Today (or tonight since I am posting this at night) was the first/end of Day One of WordCamp NYC 2009. This was also my first ever WordCamp. I was really physic. I left my friend’s place on Roosevelt Island around 6:45am hitching the “F” line to 23rd and 6th Avenue.

Once I got off I was really confused on where I was because I was not used to being in that location. With the sun not out as well… it was really hard to determine the points of the compass. After finding someone else who was also looking for Baruch College on 23rd and Lex. After we got another set of directions, we were on our way. A few minutes later I arrived at the registration area for WordCamp NYC 2009!

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WordCampNYC – Nov 14-15

WordCamp NYC 2009

Yes. Cheesy line from Armageddon (Provided by John Denver) , but that’s right… I am ready to rock n’ roll at WordCamp NYC 2009! Ticket are in order and sleeping arrangements are made for the area so I don’t have to drive back in forth from the island.

I’ll be representing as part of the WordPress Core Developers group when there attending the Advanced Development Sessions and Core Hackers. (might be the same thing..) Anyways… you can find more information here on the WordCamp NYC 2009 Website!